Trim Rewinder

KEW Trim Rewinder incorporate many features for high reliability of trim winding. The Trim Winder Machine, Trim Winding Machine, precision electromechanical traversing system is maintenance free with operator control of the traversing rate which remains constant regardless of the line speed or the spool diameter. This, together with the inbuilt pineapple winding technology, ensures optimum winding of the trim and therefore increases the reliability. The lightweight web guide roll assembly traverses for high-speed operation with the spool running in a fixed position.

Trim Rewinder

The motion control drive is controlled by a digital inverter drive, capable of both driving and stopping the motor. The material is fed by a dancer for tension control, equipped with a position feedback through the ultrasonic sensor. Together with the PID controls on the trim winder control board, this provides a speed reference for the motion control drive. The system operates to maintain the dancer in a fixed position, thus providing static rewinding tension.

Trim Rewinder Machine:

  • Fully mechanical controlled traversing.
  • Trapezoidal (Pineapple) winding profile.
  • Cantilevered winding shaft.
  • Closed loop speed control.


  • Pull roll for constant pull during roll change.
  • Winding to minimize waste.
  • Winding of 2 trims on one winder.
  • Winded roll use for making rope.
Technical Specification of Trim Rewinder:
Trim Width 5 to 60 mm
Web Thickness 10um to 1mm
Package Diameter 350 mm
Package Width 350 mm
Core Diameter 100 mm
Maximum Speed 500 m/min